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Three veterans of the online marketing industry who aspired to enrich their passion for marketing and bring better results for their clients have founded M.A Aporia Ltd in early 2016. Since then, Aporia has brought marketing solutions to more than 50 clients, while managing over 3 million dollars in budgets. Our arsenal of multi-platform targeting experience, creative capabilities and deep understanding of the online media industry enables us to find the right audience for your product. We possess a website network to fit every product to it’s proper website. Using our methods we have acquired over 4 million new users for our clients across multiple ad delivery platforms.

We Investigate

We research your product, implement tracking solutions to color audiences, test targets, traffic sources and optimize for leads.

We Find your Audience

After gathering enough data, we fit the right website to your product. Our data analysis will provide the most relevant audiences to focus on with various display and social networks

We Bring Results Home

Over 50 Clients aren’t wrong. Aporia brings results home, there isn’t a challenge or product we can’t market, a dedicated team will do whatever it can to achieve success

How We Do It

Our marketing division is one of kind. With traffic all over the world and the most innovative targeting tools available, Aporia can match the right audience for your product. Aporia advertising shells four different verticals. Social, where we generate over a million monthly clicks. Search, where we are constantly rank number 1. Display, where there is an unlimited reach for quality users. Content, where our copyrighters and designers generate landing pages for the client in order to attract the most relevant audience..

Our Reach – Our Resources – Our Advantage

With a couple of hundreds of thousand Facebook page likes, a thriving YouTube channel, chain of websites with organic traffic and our marketing expertise we were able to generate over a billion impressions so far. Our arsenal of translations and creative capabilities has extended our reach to 198 countries in 41 languages. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for Americans or Chinese, males or females, kids or grandparents, we have what it takes to reach them.

Meet The Team

Gathered From All Around The World To Create Something Awesome

Amit Golan
Amit GolanCTO
Chief of Technical Operations
Matan Lerner
Matan LernerCMO
Chief Of Marketing Operations
Amir Gat
Amir GatCFO
Chief of Financial Operations

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